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Open Joint Stock Company “Poultry Breeding Plant "Sverdlovsky" offers parent cross "Rodonit 2", to poultry farms and enterprises Company Background.

More than 30 years the JSC “Poultry Breeding Plant "Sverdlovsky" is a breeding center for egg-laying chicken. The specialists of the Plant together with the scientists created three Russian crosses "Rodonit" (1996), "Rodonit 2" and "Э21" (2003).

The Plant has got unique breeding facilities. Artificial insemination which is applied at the Plant provides for individual crossing and allows to transmit the essential economic traits to the progeny. The selection division is equipped with computers and combined electronic devices measuring egg qualities (egg mass, eggshell strength). The electronic devices are used for measuring body weight of young and adult birds, which allows to follow up the dynamics of the birds development. There are devices for individual recording of the producing ability of the laying chicken, weekly information is stored in the data base. To determine feed conversion rate individual feeders are used. Annually more than 20 thousand birds with identification numbers on wings and legs are registered by the expectancy record. 

The emphasis is placed on the veterinary wellbeing of the Company, three-stage control of the fowl epizootic welfare is ensured. There is a zoo-veterinary laboratory in the Company. Each quarter blood sera from the birds of different ages are delivered to the state laboratories where sero-monitoring in relation to possible diseases is conducted. 

For production of breeder day-old chicks box-type incubators, equipped with computers with incubation mode control, are used. The JSC "Poultry Breeding Plant "Sverdlovsky" is the only breeding enterprise in Russia the quality management system of which is certified in accordance with the international standard ISO 9001:2000 (SGS, Switzerland).

In 2008 the new cross "Rodonit 3" is going to be registered with the state committee for accomplishments in breeding.


About Products

At the present moment “Rodonit 2” is the most popular cross among the bird growers of Russia, CIS countries. The fowl is adapted to the local conditions, has good viability and can show high producing ability using low- nutritive feed. The birds feel themselves good both in hot and cold climate.

The fowl of the final cross-breed ("Rodonit 2") has the following performance:


"Rodonit 2"

   Egg-laying capacity ( 72 weeks) per one laying bird (pcs)


   Initial period


   In the middle


   Peak of egg production,%


   Average weight of eggs for the age period, g


   Eggshell strength, N


   Liquid whole eggs (72weeks), kg


   Initial period


   In the middle


   Used feed, kg


   10 eggs


   1 kg of liquid whole eggs


   Young birds,%


   Livability, %


   Up to 16 weeks


   From 17 to 68 weeks



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