The JSC «Poultry Breeding Plant «Sverdlovsky» operates in the Russian Federation as a breeding center aimed at raising and sale of the egg-laying chicken over thirty years.

The plant is situated 30 kilometers from Ekaterinburg in the forestland and is a closed-type enterprise. The territory of the plant is walled around, there are sanitary inspection stations and heated disinfective barriers. The incubation division is located in a separate site.

The plant is upgrading its poultry keeping equipment on continuous basis. There are certified zoo- and vet- laboratories monitoring quality of birdseed, eggs and immunity level of the birds.

The JSC «Poultry Breeding Plant «Sverdlovsky» is the only breeding enterprise in Russia the quality management system of which is certified in accordance with the international standard ISO 9001:2000 (SGS, Switzerland).

The poultry breeding laboratory is equipped with the devices which allow to collect data on each laying fowl. The efficient breeding programs, which provide for selection of the best species and reaching the excellent results in relation to all breeding characteristics, have been developed.

In 2008 the new cross «Rodonit 3» corresponding to the most advanced international crosses and comparing favorable to all existing crosses due to its significant viability and high producing ability was created by the specialists of the plant.

The «Rodonit 3» birds are widely represented in Russia, Kazakhstan, Kirgizia, Uzbekistan. Deliveries to Ukraine and Tadzhikistan are on the way. In 2007 the «Rodonit 3» breeder stock was bought by 42 farm units including such leaders of the Russian poultry breeding as poultry factory «Bashkirskaya» (Bashkortostan), «Irtyshskaya» (Omsk Oblast), «Taganrogskaya» (Rostov Oblast).